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Virtualhotel.info is the largest and most comprehensive collection of hotels offering IPIX images in Europe and around the world.
Our success in bringing the guest to the hotel prior to arrival is our major attraction and over 3,000 unique users on a daily basis visit Virtualhotel.info and we are one of the few sites prepared to provide activity logs to prove this! Request one now...... trafficlog@virtualocations.com

Why are we successful? Our service to hotels is unique in that we do not encroach into your business we only wish to embellish what is already an established web site. Through our direct linking from either your hotel web site of through the Virtual Hotel Info web portal we allow your clients to view the interior and exterior of your hotel in true 360 x 360 degree iPIX immersive photography. We charge only a initial fee and optional annual renewal charge. In the event you do not wish top continue with the Virtual Hotel Info hosting you retain the use of the iPIX images to use on your own web site for eternity. If you have any questions on our range of services you can contact us by phone
+44 (0)787 685 2305 fax +44 (0)20 8423 4999 or by E-mail info@virtualhotel.info

How much does it cost to promote my hotel through virtualhotel.info ?

We operate on an initial set up fee which includes all virtual photography web site presentation and interactive forms allowing the guest to contact you direct either by E-mail or through you own dedicated booking system.

We do not operate a commission payment basis.

Initial set up including production - £1250 see example This includes the images which you can place on your own web site.

Renewal fee (2nd year) after first year inclusive FREE listing - £99

Subsequent yearly hosting (3rd year) - £399 includes FREE update of iPIX images if required otherwise £99

Full Web site - Contact us for a quote read our fact sheet or see an example of one of our client sites

If you wish to apply for a listing on-line you may complete our booking form or send an e-mail for further feedback

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