The range of hotels and accommodation available in Britian is extensive, and whatever your budget you should find something to suit you. The confusing rating systems for hotel classification operated by the various tourist authorities in Britian is also demystified.

British food need strike no terrors to the visiting gourmet's heart, the UK's restaurant scene has moved far from its once dismal reputation. This is partly due to an influx of foreign chefs and cooking styles, you can now sample a wide range of international cuisine throughout Britian, with the greatest choice in London and other major cities. Home grown restaurants have risen to the challenge of redeeming British food too, and our indigenous cooking has improved out of all recognition in the last decade. You can now also eat extremely well in Britian what ever your budget and at most times of day in the towns. Much less elaborate, but well prepared, affordable food is making a mark in all types of brasseries, restaurants and cafes throughout the country.

While the West End of London is undeniably Britians most exciting place to shop, many regional centres offer nearly as wide a range of goods. Moreover regional shopping can be less stressful, less expensive, and remarkably varied, with craft studios, farm shops, street markets and factory show rooms adding to the enjoyment of bargain hunting. Britian is famous for its country clothing, wool, waxed cotton and tweed are all popular along with classic prints such as Liberty or Laura Ashley and tartan.