It is relatively easy to find a room in a hotel or pension in Slovakia, even in small towns or large villages. The range of prices for a night's accommodation is wide, depending on the standard of services offered and the location of the establishment. In smaller towns located in attractive tourist areas, you can also find rooms to rent at a reasonable rate in private homes. In large towns and cities it is harder to find inexpensive accommodation. If cost is a consideration, it may be necessary to take a room in a hotel that is some distance from the city center.

A typical Slovakian meal is calorie heavy, meat based potato food, similar to Hungary food. International food options are increasing. Pizza is common. Also they produce good wines therefore you can find wine selling like coke bottles at supermarkets.

White and red wines - Including sparkling wines and sweet Tokaj wine. Beers on par with more famous Czech brands Kofola - The Slovak equivalent of root beer, often served on tap Vinea - A sparkling, non-alcoholic drink, made from white or red grapes Burciak - Is a grape cider with a short life – 7-10 days – that packs a potent punch. In September two towns, PEZINOK and MODRA, host the annual Burciak Festival. Medovina/Honey wine - Served in winter, this is the mead of medieval times Borovicka - Made from juniper berries, like gin Slivovica - Plum brandy (the smaller the bubbles at the edge, the higher the quality) Demanovka - A bitter liqueur made from herbs

Bratislava has several large shopping malls. Two of them are located near the centre and accessible by car or public transport. Aupark across the river from the Old Town and Polus on Vajnorska. Both malls have a variety of shops of all kinds and multiplex cinemas.

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