Many of France's 22,000 registered hotels are charming, idiosyncratic and good value. There are all sorts of hotels from slick, modern chain hotels to small classic, family run establishments. France is one of the most popular countries in the world for self catering holidays and information is given on renting a rural home or gite, and how to get the most out of a camping holiday.

The French consider eating well an essential part of their national brithright. There are few other places where people are as passionately knowledgeable about their cuisine and their wine. Restaurant reviews, as well as cooking and food shows on television, are avidly followed and general quality of both fresh food and restaurant offerings is vastly better in France than it is in most other European countries.

Shopping in France is a delight. Whether you go to the hypermarkets and department stores, or seek out the small specialist stores and markets, you will be tempted by stylish French presentation and the quality of goods on offer. Renowned for its food and wine, France also offers world famous fashion, pottery, porcelain and crystal.


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